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Interior painting is a great way to improve your homes value and create a new vision for an existing space when done well.

We always

  • Use drop cloths on entire area.

  • All furniture is moved.

  • Furniture is covered with plastic for protection.

  • Prep work includes

    • Making sure all nails are removed from walls 

    • Holes all patched

    • Caulking along baseboards doorframes and windows.

  • Walls are sanded if needed

  • 99% of the time I will only quote paint jobs with 2 coats of paint.  This is recommended for durability, maintenance and true color tone. 



  • Walls, ceilings

  • Baseboards, crown moldings

  • ​Kitchen Cabinets

  • Hand railings

  • Basement waterproofing

  • ​Doors, windows

  • Water damage repair

  • Wallpaper Removal


After painting is completed, area is vacuumed and furniture is returned to original position. Your satisfaction is my priority.

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